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Mercedes S Class Wedding Car Hire Bimringham

Mercedes E-Class

Alpha Self Drive Hire are very proud to include the Mercedes E Class as part of our wide-ranging car hire fleet. Although the vehicle’s predecessors date back to the 1950s, it was not until 1994 that the model became officially referred to as the Mercedes E Class. This executive car rental option has all the good old-fashioned Mercedes qualities; safe, comfortable, stylish, and reliable, combined with some quiet radical new technology. Make an impression wherever you go with a Mercedes E Class car from Alpha Self Drive Hire.

If you love all the old-fashioned qualities of the Mercedes such as comfort, safety, stylishness and reliability but fancy something a bit more modern you will love the all new driving experience that the Mercedes E Class has to offer. The Mercedes E Class self drive hire car offer’s all the old fashioned qualities with the added bonus of some pretty radical new technology ensuring that you will make an impression wherever you go with our Mercedes E Class self drive hire car.

The new Mercedes E-Class takes its inspiration from the iconic S-Class with its sleek lines matched to a powerful design to create a truly stunning design that is sure to turn heads and create envy at every opportunity. Wirh a sophisticated dashboard the Mercedes E-Class has pushed the boundaries and raised the bar when it comes to infotainment making the Mercedes E-Class self drive hire car impressive to look at and impressive to drive.

Mercedes E-Class | Wedding Car Hire

The Mercedes E Class a beautiful yet powerful car making it a great self drive hire car for weddings. The groom, best man and ushers can use the Mercedes E Class as a self drive hire car to make sure they arrive at the wedding in plenty of time, or the car hire can be hired and a friend can chauffeur drive the bride and female wedding party to the wedding in our Mercedes E-Class which looks stunning in wedding photos.

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