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Sports Hatchback Hire Birmingham

Why Rent A Sports Hatch Back Car With Us?

For many of our customers, the hatchback represents a good compromise between more vehicle interior space and value for money. Maybe that’s why they are amongst the most popular cars that we rent in Birminngham. These cars offer enough space for up to 5 adults (even for longer drives), great economy and a driving experience that is both easy and familiar for most drivers. They make an excellent choice for young families and small groups visiting Birmingham combining a comfortable cabin and nimbleness, which is especially useful in the busier parts of the city. Our hatchback fleet is made up of some well known models such as the  Volkswagen Golf, Audi S3, BMW M2, etc. We also have a selection of hatchback cars which are a bit more unusual or upmarket like the Golf R or the BMW 135I.

volkswagen Golf GTI Hatchback

We have many years of experience in Short Term Car Leasing and Long Term Car Hire. We arrange flexible, short term or long term car leasing packages to fit your motoring needs, whether for Business or personal use. Well located in Birmingham, with good access to the town centre and motorway network. Take a look at the Sports Hatchback we have available in Birmingham. Be sure to ring us on 0121 327 0382 if you require more information.

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